What is the intro to your podcast show?

This is the start of your show, or the opening.  It typically follows a specific format with certain key elements.

12 Keys to Opening your Podcast

  1. Podcast name: let’s your listeners know what they are tuned in to
  2. Network ID—if you’re representing or part of a network
  3. Episode number: gives chronology and easy redirecting to show notes
  4. Episode title: describes the content of the specific episode
  5. Music or sound effects: find a musical background loop for your intro that is different from what you hear elsewhere so that it can be recognized as part of your branding
  6. Hosts’ names: Introduce not only who you will be interviewing, but introduce yourself as well.
  7. Podcast tagline: describes what the podcast is about in a catchy way
  8. Agenda: tell your audience what you’re going to talk about and then repeat it in recap form at the end to review what your listeners have hopefully gained from the program
  9. Recorded date: Mentioning the recorded date if content is time-sensitive (like a news podcast). Otherwise, leaving the date of the recording out will enable you to have it evergreen (listened to over time and still be appropriate)
  10. Sponsors: of the program or you if you are promoting your products or services
  11. Disclaimer: if your content is for a mature audience, let them know at the beginning so that there are no embarrassing surprises
  12. Call to action:  tell people what you would like them to do after the podcast like: going to a url for more specific information, sign up for a free gift, follow you on your social media sites.

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