According to a recent study, 54% of the top brands globally, use Instagram along with over 100 million users in this young channel of social media.

So what does this have to do with doctors and hospitals?

Perhaps you’re pondering what you can take photos of since you don’t have products the way an ecommerce site has or what pictures that patients would be interested in.  Maybe you’re a health or nutrition brand wondering how being active on Instagram will actually help you affect one’s health behavior change or grow customers.

Imagine the images of all the health models that tell the story of what your medical practice is all about, telling viewers about the services that you provide.  Think of captivating images from pathology that you deal with in the office or hospital on a daily basis.

10  Tips  to strengthen your medical practice brand on Instagram

Sit down and plan a strategy for Instagram.  The first step is deciding what your brand is, what it represents and what would represent your brand.  Now, you are ready to make that come alive in the following ways:

  1. Take pictures of medical devices that are used in your practice with explanations in the captions
  2. Post pictures of your office staff including nurses, nurse practitioners and medical assistants. Patients will feel more comfortable going to the office, especially on a new visit if they feel they know the staff. Show them in action shots, working in the position they hold.
  3. Share photos of events like blood drives or community health fairs.
  4. Share inspirational health tips that are in sync with your medical practice brand
  5. Include videos of exercises or instructions for your patients to follow
  6. Take photos of flyers for upcoming talks or events that patients can attend
  7. Take videos of surgical procedures to help patients understand them and enable them to see what they would never have the opportunity to view
  8. Take a video of a vaginal birth which brings tears and smiles to most viewers
  9. Show a local map with the location of your health facility or medical practice
  10. Show images that are entertaining as well as educational

When your images are shared, your patients gain from the information that you portray but it also drives prospective patients to seek you and your services out.

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