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After the holidays and the crazy time we were having with the Pandemic, the hiatus is over and our podcasts are back on a regular basis to inform and engage you.

In this episode, Barbara and Gary Chan discuss:

  • What happens when your email is designated spam?
  • The 3 different types of emails
  • How to test email deliverability


Key Takeaways:

“Establish goals for your emails. Remove unengaged people, modify content and measure what works” —  Gary Chan


Barbara:         Hey! This is Barbara Hales with Marketing Tips for Doctors. We have a great episode today.  Gary Chan joins us today.

Companies hire Gary Chan to help them build or improve their cybersecurity programs. He has 16 years of experience, four security certifications, and an electrical engineering and computer science degree from MIT. Having worked in over a dozen countries, Gary has deployed security solutions to multiple state agencies, built the information security program for large-cap companies, mentored cybersecurity start-ups, and given seminars on cybersecurity. He’s here today to talk about how we can use security skills and ideas for anything, including e-mail marketing.

Welcome Gary

Barbara:         This is Barbara Hales from Marketing Tips for Doctors with another great episode. See you next time.


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