In this podcast episode, Zack Knight interviews me on how to “become a better leader and create a better environment for your team”

Standing Out Within Your Field with Barbara Hales

Doctors and Health Professionals, are you sick of patients NOT being able to find you and Google listing you on the last page of a search? Today’s guest Dr. Barbara Hales MD felt the same. Dr. Hales has 30 years of professional experience across multiple health care fields and serves as CEO of the Right Treatment and Editor in Chief of the Medical Strategist. She now helps people in the medical industry market themselves and builds their practice in a saturated industry.

Let’s get right into this episode to see what your business will look like when you are actively promoted through proven systematic marketing techniques, and viewed as THE Go-To professional in your field.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 05:07] Opening Segment

  • I introduce today’s guest Dr. Barbara Hales
  • MD, Medical Professional
  • Writer, CEO of the write Treatment, and The Medical Strategist
  • Dr. Hales talks about her story
  • Built a practice but had no customers
  • Realizing that hope is not a marketing strategy
  • Helping others now market themselves
  • Most times professionals in a given field are not marketing experts and need help

[05:08 – 13:15] People Need to Be Able to Find You

  • Dr. Hales talks about field blind spots
  • Their are health professionals that don’t even have a website
  • “Last century thinking”
  • You need an online presence
  • Dr. Hales talks about key words
  • How do people find you
  • Long tail key-words
  • Know who you are and what your identity is
  • Get traffic to your website
  • How can you help people
  • Provide your services
  • Dr. Hales shares how she helps people differentiate themselves
  • Consultation and individual strategies
  • You don’t need a product to sell something
  • Many doctors are going bankrupt
  • Marketing is crucial
  • Evolve or die

[13:16 – 24:58] You are the Leader of Your Practice 

  • Dr. Hales talks about the health market being affected by Covid
  • People are not going back to the way things were
  • People like to be seen online
  • Making staff feel appreciated
  • Your staff are your ambassadors
  • Let the staff share their thoughts and ideas
  • Poor leadership leads to an unstable culture
  • Dr. Hales talks about the importance of social IQ
  • You need to relate to your patients and give options
  • This leads to patient compliance
  • Happy staff and happy patience leads to a healthier society

[24:59 – 29:51] Standing Out Within Your Field

  • Dr. Hales gives advice to professionals in the field
  • Patients want to know your story, be yourself
  • Get yourself onto social media
  • The importance of personal brand
  • Get a personal brand to stand out
  • For example the Medical Strategist Podcast
  • Talking about options vs giving personal advice

[29:52 – 36:04] Closing Segment

  • What are you learning about now?
  • Learning one new thing everyday
  • Always learning the newest strategy
  • Know where your clients are hanging out
  • Legacy you want to leave?
  • People love stories and they want to know yours
  • Show your humanity
  • How to connect with you?
  • See links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes: 

“It didn’t take long to realize that hope is not a strategy, and that I was going to have to be more active in marketing if I was going to succeed in my practice and my business as a whole.” – Dr. Barbara Hales

“It’s really crucial that you make your staff feel that they are appreciated. Let’s face it…people are going to be seeing the staff before they see you. They are the ambassadors of your practice.” – Dr. Barbara Hales

“Every doctor needs to have a personal brand, because they need to have something that enables them to stand out from their colleagues or the doctors down the street.” – Dr. Barbara Hales

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Dr. Hales on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. Visit her website at The Medical Strategist and don’t forget to book your Free SEO Audit for your website.

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