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Happy Thanksgiving holiday to you. May you stay safe, feel the joy of family and friends and know that you are loved.
I can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without thinking of Martha Stewart since every year she posts
10 things to cook on the holiday or how to dress the dining room table.
Martha told me that she loves spending time with her 2 grandchildren on holidays. It’s what keeps her healthy and happy.
“The Martha Rules she shared with me at Carnegie Hall:
-You need passion and the big idea
-Have interesting things to talk about
-Don’t be influenced by outsiders until your ideas get going
-My favorite holiday is the one that’s coming!
One of her quotes that I like from her is “Creating content and books is all about my brand of teaching others”.
I feel the same way!
So, if you’d like to try a new recipe this year, check out some that Martha posts.
Which do you think it might be?