In this episode, Barbara and Adina discuss:

-How dance has played a crucial role in Adina’s personal path toward self-care.
-Why it is critical to developing strong self-care practices.
-What more self-care, sensuality, and openness could mean for your overall well-being.

Key Takeaways:

” Focusing on you, focusing on yourself is the ticket. It’s carving out time to be with yourself and making yourself a priority.” – Adina Ravenswood.

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Dr. Barbara Hales: Welcome to another episode of marketing tips for doctors.

I’m your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Today we have with us, Dr. Adina Isabel Ravenswood.  She is a pharmacist, a certified holistic health coach, and belly dancer. She focuses on helping women tap into their feminine energy to heal their chronic health issues.

Dr. Adina believes great healing can occur with clean eating, consistent movement, and changing Long Hill’s destructive patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing.  As breast cancer and Lyme disease thriver herself, Adina wants other women to know that they have the power within themselves, to heal, and to live their dream life. Adina offers coaching programs for healing chronic conditions, three monthly belly dance classes, and a belly dance membership.

The best way to stay in touch with Adina is through Facebook at AdinaIsabelleRavenswood/   Welcome. Welcome to the show Adina.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Thank you so much, Barbara.

Dr. Barbara Hales: It’s such a pleasure having you here today. How did you get started as a pharmacist?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Well, it was one of those things like my passion for wanting to help people and figuring out my own health. And also my parents kind of prompting that I should be a doctor. That’s kind of how I got into it.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Well, there is a wide range of being a doctor to being a pharmacist, how did you come to choose the latter?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Yeah, I think I realized there was a lot of school for pharmacy, but it wasn’t as much school as for being, you know, a medical doctor. And I had been working as a pharmacy technician for a couple of years.  I thought well, I mean, this is like I kind of get it right. Like the pharmacist knows a lot more, but the job is kind of the same. And so I had babies, I went to pharmacy school, and poof got my doctor of pharmacy, so I’m technically a doctor. And here I am!

Dr. Barbara Hales: Were you able to do the entire thing online?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: There was no requirement to be on campus in Omaha, Nebraska, except  for one or two weeks every summer for labs.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Wow, that really worked well for your lifestyle.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: It really did. It really did.

Dr. Barbara Hales: How did you transition? Or why did you transition to your own business? It would seem to me that being an employee of a big chain drugstore would guarantee your income every week. So why is it that you decided to branch out?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: There are so many different types of people in the world. And there are a lot of differences in the amount of risk that we’re able, to handle and the amount of uncertainty. And while the paycheck is certainly something important, it wasn’t everything for me.

The biggest issue that I have with the pharmacy is that there’s no time. There’s no time with patients, there’s no time to really get to the heart of the matter. And I personally feel because I have such a great deep interest in people and their motivations and helping them see it and get better. I that just didn’t work for me. I wanted to be able to spend time with them and talk about Yeah, you’re in here every month for your sleeping pills or your depression or your stomach acid, whatever it may be. But what else is going on in your life?  Have you changed anything? How are your relationships? What kind of food do you eat? Like, there’s all this stuff that goes into a person that I never got to see. And that was not enough for me.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Everyone that is listening to you and heard your intro earlier is thinking, well, she helps patients she knows all about medicine. She knows all about drugs and belly dancing. Yes. Here’s like a total flip side of the coin. How does belly dance fit into your business? Hmm.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Honestly, it’s at the heart of my business and the root of it. Being in the body, I think is something that is so important. And there are certainly lots of people who are already there, right? And so this is not really for you if you’re already there. But for me, I started off being a way in my head, and sometimes not even in my head just kind of floating around outside myself, and not really landing in my body, not knowing what I really wanted, just very easily influenced by others, and not really strong in myself. And belly dance has totally shifted that. So not only is it just getting into your body, right, so I really got into my body. And let me say something.

For the first three or four years, I skipped more classes than I went to because it was so uncomfortable. Not necessarily the movements, but how it made me feel. And that getting into my body was a little uncomfortable at first. So you know, if that’s you with whatever modality you’re using, if it’s you know, yoga, if it’s whatever it may be, it’s a little uncomfortable at first. And I think that’s perfectly normal and natural. But if you stick with it, oh, my goodness, the benefits, right? So not only grounded into my body, but also it taught me grace, and acceptance and flow and flexibility. And it also made me really, really appreciate the company of other women, as I had never appreciated it before, you know, all sorts of different people with different professions, different body types, different movements, and we all came together and danced and it was just so beautiful. And so that is why I weave belly dance into everything that I do.

Dr. Barbara Hales: That is one thing among many that are to the detriment of physicians. They’re running, running, running between the O R surgery, patients charting, electronic health records, you know, digital information, and research. So the one thing among many that doctors really don’t get into themselves is taking care of their own body and having various modalities to improve their health from physical exercise, the physical exercise that we typically get is just running from room to room to see each patient. Yes. So you know, this is definitely something that a lot of people could take up to improve their health. Now I’ve had a few of my listeners ask me. So if you’re a good belly dancer, does that make you an excellent Twerker?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: No, so it’s, it’s totally different. Just the physical structure that your body needs to be in to do the torquing is different than belly dancing. I do think that being able to isolate your body and learn the different movements, a belly dance sets you up to be able to learn torquing for sure, but it is totally different. Also beautiful, also beautiful. Our bodies are amazing.

Dr. Barbara Hales: I’m sure that you would like everyone to know, you know, that would be interested in belly dancing, that you have available to them. So how do you promote yourself? How do you let people know? Yes, I’m out there, come see me.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Yeah, the main place where I hang out is actually Facebook. And so I put all my free monthly classes there. Also,  the way that I promote myself is by getting into other groups. I’m very active in networking groups and programs and keeping in touch with the people that I meet, and letting them know about what’s going on. And I think one of the biggest things, too, is reaching out to people personally, and just inviting them

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s so important. It’s so seldom that people really are good at promoting themselves. And networking is something that I always urge for success. But, a lot of professionals say, you know, I don’t really have time for it, or I don’t really see the value of it. Or if I am on Facebook, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to be exposed to people that are within my own community, which is actually not true because there are so many various chat rooms that are specific to each of our communities.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Very true. Yeah.

Dr. Barbara Hales: So for someone that is starting out in the professional world, would you do the same thing? Or would you do something different? What would you advise? You know, the young person starting out now?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Yeah, oh, gosh, I would advise to really go within and see what it is that you really want to feel like at work. I think there’s a lot of value in the way that the medical schools are set up, and residencies and fellowships and all of these things, because you get to see what’s there. You get to shadow people. I think that’s huge. So decide what kind of lifestyle you really want. And that can really inform you like, do I want to be, you know, in the operating room? Or do I want to have a cozy private practice? Or do I want to just own something and have other people work for me where I can go and travel and you know about my head? And every now and then and I think that’s number one is decide what you really want that to look like, instead of spending a few decades and being like, Well, gosh, that really didn’t get me where I wanted to be. Yeah, go ahead.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Oh,  you’ve found your  viewers That’s  just great. What tip would you give to the professional that still wants a professional life but wants better work, and life balance?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Focusing on you, focusing on yourself is really the ticket. It’s carving out time to be with yourself and making yourself a priority. So that would look like potentially saving 20 minutes of every day to meditate. And to calm your mind and get all of those patient encounters out of your sphere and out of your body for a while. Right. Just be free and clear. I think that is huge. When you I mean, you know, doctors, health care professionals, in general, are just like we talked about earlier, running around and running around and running around, there’s really no space. So providing yourself with that space is key.

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s a good tip. Adina, I understand that you have a program that you are launching.  How exciting!  Yes. Tell us about it.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Yeah, thank you, Barbara. So what I really transitioned to, including the belly dance, of course, but what I’ve transitioned to is helping people feel better in their bodies, and healing many different aspects of chronic illness chronic symptoms.

So first, let me just say that I am a healing breast cancer survivor. And there is so much beyond the medical treatment that goes into healing. If you see the benefit in that right, not everyone does, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you have hope, and if you see that there’s an opportunity, that’s where I can support you, for sure. So it’s everything from diet and nutrition, to your intimate life, to your relationships to your career, and if what you’re doing is really satisfying your soul. And so much more, so much more.  I’m launching a program, but I’m also providing a free workshop series over the span of five days, and then even more with question and answer sessions starting December 5.

Dr. Barbara Hales: So how can my listeners get in on that program?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Just follow me on Facebook, because it is there at Adina Isabel Ravenswood. It’s the best way.

Dr. Barbara Hales: When did you say your launch is going to officially take place?

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Yeah, it’s December 5 through the ninth. And then we’ll have a little extra time for q&a and things like that. I’ll be available for questions for the next few days after that.

Dr. Barbara Hales: And that launch will also be visible through your Facebook page.

Adina Isebelle Ravenswood: Correct. You’ll be able to sign up there it will be held in a private Facebook group. So I’m not bombarding everybody with this amazing information. Only those who want it.

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s wonderful. Everybody keep an eye out for this because it is going to be a wonderful program and you should get into it. Thank you. Thank you so much for being with us today. This has been another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors with your host Dr Barbara Hales.   Til next time!