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The First Step to Marketing: Create Your Own Website

The Evolution of Copy from Text to Content

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Dr. Barbara Hales Notable Quotes

“By telling people what it is that you do and where you’re located, essentially, you are marketing. It’s really just a question of finding out where your ideal clients are located and where you can reach them the best.”
Dr. Barbara Hales

“If you have no website, essentially, you don’t exist, and a referral to you would be meaningless. Eight out of ten people will go online before making that appointment to a referral. They’re going to check you out first, so a website is key.”
Dr. Barbara Hales


Episode Summary

Us health coaches become health coaches because we want to help people, not necessarily because we want to manage our practices as businesses. But the truth is, whether we like it or not if we’re going to practice under our own names, we’re going to have to manage the business side of things, and marketing is a big part of it.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to The Medical Strategist, Dr. Barbara Hales, to walk us through the importance of marketing for our health coaching businesses, as well as the right kind of effective marketing we can implement right away.


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