Become a TikTok influencer

Becoming a TikTok influencer is a great way to grow your medical practice, promote your services, and sell your products.

Professionals giving advice get millions of views, not just hundreds, and people want to see you in a video. Research shows that 85% of people would rather see videos than other forms of communication from brands. People are going online with their smartphones, into apps, and seeing the videos that are released.

Creating videos and uploading them to your TikTok channel attracts patients and increases your visibility.

TikTok is not going away anytime soon. It has almost become a part of today’s fabric of society. It’s a reflection of who people are and what they do. And for all your attention deficit people, it increases your visibility, engages people, and attracts a crowd.

Algorithms reward videos that are following current trends. If your video has a song that’s trending, it’s going to get bumped up the ranks no matter what you look like. This should be comforting since your initial recordings can be amateurish but the app (and viewers) is quite forgiving.

Think about this for a moment. TikTok is an absolute goldmine. It provides local content for its users. And because of the content, it just goes viral. Know your competition. Although there are people who are already in about every niche, there’s always room for more. Look what your competition did to make their video viral. What can you learn from it based on the subject or method they employed? The thing is, you have to be unique, and drawing adoring fans and followers will eventually make you a leader- a TikTok influencer.

There are several benefits to being a TikTok influencer

First of all, becoming an influencer boosts your SEO or search engine optimization. Suddenly, you jump from page 25 to page 1 in Google Search, and you will be the one that Google and other search engines will refer people to.

Marketing on TikTok is fun and doesn’t have the same stress that other media produces.

That reminds me of my latest health consultation

My neck creaked when I rotated my head, accompanied by an occasional ache. It was obvious to me that this was the first sign of arthritis and perhaps I could nip it in the bud with some special exercises recommended by a specialist. Consulting a chiropractor was on my to-do list but of course, when something isn’t an emergency it can sometimes be put off. Do you know what I mean? I often forgot about it completely until the ache returned.

Flipping through TikTok videos as a diversion from research, a chiropractor popped up. His video was well done and explained medical issues in a very succinct way with model demonstrations. The doctor discussed the very thing that I wanted to hear about and what do you know? He was located quite close to my home.

I thought, “What the heck, here is my chance to take care of my issue” and found myself calling for an appointment.

If it weren’t for the TikTok video, I probably would still have this on my to-do list and if I consulted with a chiropractor, it might not have been him.

His tactics were well planned and very strategic. This reminds me of…well…me. When I first started my medical practice, I had no patients but using marketing strategies and reaching out to people netted me 10,000 active patients during my time in practice. I implemented all the social marketing techniques that were available to me. For you, the “latest and greatest” is TikTok because it is so user-friendly and approachable to the people that you want to reach.

The crucial principle of creating TikTok is that you have to understand your audience, your patients, and prospective patients. It comes down to figuring out what the issues are that they want to see and providing them with the solutions to the problems they are struggling with. In other words, figure out what they want, and give it to them!

TikTok Strategy

Now that you have decided to create a video for TikTok, take these 3 simple steps:

  1. Think of who you are targeting and the one message that you’d like to convey in this video episode
  2. Pick a background song that is appropriate and currently trending with no extraneous sounds that will interfere with your video
  3. Make sure that the lighting is good

Now you are ready to upload the video onto your channel and go live!

You may not be well known or successful in the first few weeks. Stick with it, continue, and persevere. Eventually, you’ll get successful as you refine your videos with every succeeding release. People don’t go viral overnight with their first video. It takes time, frequent, and consistent posting for weeks or months. And they may not see any results until all of a sudden one of your videos goes viral, and that’s it.

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