Mike Pachan is a self-acclaimed serial entrepreneur who has had several successful startups.  He shares with us some advice that we can implement in our medical practice or whatever business we are trying to get off the ground.

5 tips that he shares includes:

  1. Take care of clients and ut out any fires immediately.  It will make for happy clients and patients who will be loyal to your business and be a source of referrals.
  2. Always be aware of and follow compliance codes
  3. Narrow done and focus on certain services or products.  You can not specialize in everything.
  4. Clients hold the real key to your business success
  5. Be humble.

While the podcast is currently in our audio editor’s box, the YouTube video is now available for your enjoyment.  You can access it at https://youtu.be/_Nkza5t5zOg.

Please share with us your ideas.  I look forward to your comments.