Advantages of Social Media for Promotion and Personal Branding

In this episode, Barbara and Jay Jay discuss:

  • How to Promote Yourself
  • Taking Advantage of Social Media for Promotion
  • How to Brand Yourself as a Doctor

Key Takeaways:

“People make decisions when they keep seeing you. Whether you’re on Billboards, on Facebook ads, or on Instagram, they see you frequently and they’re more likely to give you business. They’re more likely to choose you.” – Jay Jay

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Dr. Barbara Hales: Welcome to another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors.

I’m your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Today, we have with us, Jay Jay. He is an international speaker and has been exciting people with his message for the last 15 years in over 30 countries.

In 2009, he leveraged the social media platform YouTube, to grow his brand to 57 million views online in the entertainment industry. Leaving his tricks behind, he leveraged his PR and personal branding mastery to start an advertising agency called Ace of Spades. This helps people grow their personal brand so they can become number one in their space.

Welcome to the show.

Jay Jay: Thank you, thank you, I want to be the number one with Barbara right now. It’s me and you, let’s rock and roll. Let’s help some doctors get to be seen, to be heard. Let’s get them to be the number one. So in their area, Barbara, as people go, Hey, I’m choosing Dr. Smith, I’m choosing Dr. J, I don’t care if I have to go 15 miles further, I like him, and I’m ready to give him my money in time.

Personal Brands

Dr. Barbara Hales: Excellent. One of the difficulties that doctors have, I believe, especially, you know, starting out or in the alternative care field is that they need to increase their visibility and embrace their brand. But a lot of people don’t know what their brand actually is. Tell me why your personal brands are winning today.

Jay Jay: Because people are buying the human, not the product, right? There are a lot of doctors around I live here in Miami and Brickell in this space that I’m in, there are at least 15 within about five minutes walk, 15 different kinds of people in the health space. So if I have that pain or problem, there are a lot of people to choose from.

I want to choose obviously on safety and making sure they can do the job. But I want to actually connect with the person who’s behind the company, maybe the person that’s working with me. So when people realize, when doctors realize, that a lot of people go to their doctor. They say I have my doctor; they don’t see the doctor. I’ve got myself as personal.

What the Doctors Should Do

Dr. Barbara Hales: What should the doctor do to make that position of making them your doctor?

Jay Jay: Well, yeah, I think it’s a great question. I think doctors, the ones that care about people are going to win because you know, they care. They know their name and know their kids personally when they have them. But how do you attract the people that don’t know you? This is where you need to be able to start getting seen, Barbara.

Like people make decisions if they keep seeing you. If you’re on Billboard, if you’re on Facebook ads, if you’re on Instagram, they see you enough, they’re more likely to give you the business. They’re more likely to choose you, they’re more likely to give you the chance to go at least I believe that I need to choose a doctor I want. I want it to be this person, or I’m open to having a conversation.


Dr. Barbara Hales: A lot of people listening may say, Yeah, that makes sense. So what is one thing that a company can do today to get started in branding themselves in the appropriate way?

Jay Jay: Well, I’ll tell you what we know because I run an agency and help our doctors stop throwing money on things that you think that is working like TV ads or billboards. I know that you think it works, but there’s a better way to be more targeted, right? So what I would do if I was a doctor today, the first thing I would do, and this is one thing every doctor can implement, I would clean up what people when people Google you what comes up, like what is coming up.

So spending some money on SEO helps. But that takes a while, Barbara, like what comes up on your Instagram, what comes up on your Facebook, right? Also, how can you run an event to attract people to come and meet you? What was the last time someone says get to know your doctor? Man, people, that’s cool. I love to get to know my doctor. I can also the question that I don’t have to pay. Wow. If you give them the little three-second advice that they’d be wanting to ask, they’re probably going to be a patient. They’re probably going to come back to you. Hey, Barbara was great. You know, I got to ask her a question. I got to meet the whole team. Wow, she’s actually going to be working on my nose job. You know, she’s going to be working on my heart, she’s going to be working on me if I’m sick.

So I think you know with doctors, it’s good that they spend money on marketing. They should but like dial it down like, is it actually working? Are you spending five grand a month on a billboard? You don’t actually know what’s working, that’s silly. You’re throwing money at something. So I would say like, get to a place when someone Google’s you, you are coming up with trust and credibility. Within your area, there are people, get them to run an event. Little happy hour, little get to know your doctor on a Saturday afternoon, bring the kids

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s a fun idea, happy hour at your doctor’s office,

Jay Jay: It doesn’t cost you a lot of money. It’s cheaper than a billboard and they meet you. The great thing about being a doctor is you’re in the health space, one of the four biggest niches in the world. Most people need help. You know, even if you’re a general GP or a physician, people need to know who the doctor is. So why don’t you be the first choice?

The secret to Personal Brands

Dr. Barbara Hales: Now, you mentioned that there is a secret to personal brands making six, seven, or even eight figures, nine figures per year. What do you suggest or what is the big secret there?

Jay Jay: I feel that you have to build a connection. You have to be able to be authentic. You have to be an expert and show people that you’re an expert. You have to show up online. The problem that many doctors face, Barbara, is that they get very stuck in their ways. Men, women, they’ve done something for so long. They just assume that if they put a location in Miami, Brickell, and spent a lot of money, I will get lead flow. That’s not good enough anymore. People have this. They can Google you. They want to get to know you.

So I tell doctors that I work with why we don’t start becoming the doctor, the expert every day. Hey, it’s Dr. Barbara every day from 10:00 to 10:30, I’m going to shoot her Instagram Live. You don’t have to edit it. You press a button, you’re already in the office. I’m going to answer any questions you have. If you do that for 30 days, I guarantee you’ll get a client.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Now this question is live, or this is a question that you are getting some or a live online call?

Jay Jay: Yeah

Dr. Barbara Hales: The Instagram is live, but you’re talking about putting a patient online.

Jay Jay: So when you go on live, their name is going to come up, right. So you say hi, Barbara, thanks for being here. Hey, Barbara, a question like, you know, this is Ask your doctor, you know, what do you feel comfortable asking right now? What questions do you have? And she may say, it could be something silly, it doesn’t matter.

The whole point is you’re supposed to be the expert, you’re the go-to. She feels comfortable and trustworthy that you’re the person for her. The reason I like a live Barbara is that it takes away from all of the objections that every doctor feels like he doesn’t have time, team, and no extra money to spend on anything. So I asked them to hold the camera, press a button, start talking and give me five minutes today. That’s all I need for you.

Livestreaming Site

Dr. Barbara Hales: Well, that’s really good advice. Now, do you feel that Instagram works better than Facebook Live or Twitter or LinkedIn live?

Jay Jay: Yeah, I think just go to where all your people are at. If you have more people on Facebook, stay on Facebook. You know, a lot of doctors that I work with are a little bit more active on Facebook, but at the end of the day, it’s not as much the platform, it’s the consistency of doing it.

Dr. Barbara Hales: So how often would you suggest that?

Jay Jay: Five days a week? Yeah, I have a challenge. I call it the Go Live challenge. Every day for 30 days, going live at the same time and every person that’s ever done it three things have happened. The first thing is confidence, their confidence is sharp. They got out of the head. Second thing clients, they got some interesting like new patients or new possible people, though, that you haven’t cash flow because they’re the ones that the expert people need help them when they think of the pain when they think of that pain or problem, and they need to find a solution.

Tagline and Logo

Dr. Barbara Hales: Do you feel that having a logo or tagline is important these days?

Jay Jay: Let me ask your question. What’s your favorite restaurant? In your area for cuisine?

Dr. Barbara Hales: It’s a fish place.

Jay Jay: Cool. What’s the tagline of the company?

Dr. Barbara Hales: No, I have no idea if they even have one.

Jay Jay: You don’t care why. Okay, why do you go back to that fish place? How often did you go back to that fish place?

Dr. Barbara Hales: You know, I’m probably not the best one to ask. Because I have to do mostly my own cooking.

Jay Jay: But when you do go right, why do you go?

Dr. Barbara Hales: Yeah, because I enjoy a good meal.

Jay Jay: Yeah. And also why?

Dr. Barbara Hales: Because I feel they’re consistent. and I expect a good meal.

Jay Jay: You have an experience there that you pleasant enough for you to go give them the time or money, right?

Dr. Barbara Hales: Correct.

Jay Jay: Anything tagline logo, you know, it those are all extra frills and whistles. When the company is doing really well. And you need to put money for tax purposes, then you can throw some cash, branding, and color. But at the end of the day, like get people to know you, the more people know you, the more people will have a chance to work with you.


Dr. Barbara Hales: Okay, can you give like two tips for our audience to leave with today?

Jay Jay: Yeah, okay. Well, the first tip, is this. All the doctors listening, stop using excuses that you don’t have time, resources, or a team? I know because I’ve heard it. I have a lot of health care practitioners, and people in your space that I work with the first thing that comes up as blocks of mindset. So like, okay, how can I make the time? You know, what, how can I structure my day better? Because I know the 60 that 80 to 90 hours a week you feel overworked? Do you feel burnt out? I get it. I do. But at the end of the day, there’s no excuse. I think the first thing is like, how can we fix this?

Then the second thing is due to things that are the simplest. So like you can do an Instagram Live, you could run an event once a month, that’s 12 times a year. Do you think if you run an event once a month, spend maybe 500 to $1,000 on the event? Let’s say 1000? That’s 12,000 for the year, do you think you’d probably get that back with clientele? Yes or no? So it’s just like sometimes making that commitment to doing it rather than a lot of doctors that don’t want because they get to work.

Welcome to the future. You got to be willing to do some things that people don’t want to do. I don’t want to be live every day. I want to be at the beach right now. But I know that I’m here with you and I know it’s possible I can meet a doctor to help someone out.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Well, this was a very enjoyable episode. Thank you for being here today. This is another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors with your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Til next time!