In this episode, Barbara and Maison discuss:

-How podcast works in the gaming community
-How to do video production with Maison Collawn
-What to do when starting a video production or podcast creation

Key Takeaways:

“Find a passion and make content that you already know.” – Maison Collawn.

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Dr. Barbara Hales: This is another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors.

I’m your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Today we have a special guest by the name of Maison Collawn.  Mason is a really interesting guy.   Tell us what you do, Maison.

Maison Collawn: I was the founder of the M T M A podcast. I was also a Freelance blogger for the blog Mc Anime. I just launched another podcast, which is called Voice of the Voiceless. We allow people to tell their voice when they were voiceless and how they found their voice.

I can do recording, sound mixing, filmmaking, and all that stuff in one. So I’m very versatile, and I’ve been in retail for six-plus years.

Dr. Barbara Hales: That’s great. You do a lot of very valuable services. How did you get your start?

Maison Collawn: I got started as a blogger.  I turned a passion into a medium to express it, and it just cascaded from there in the podcast scene, live streaming to the podcast, launching another podcast. It’s just been fun to do that because podcasting is easy to put yourself out. But also give you exposure at the same time.  I’ve been involved in retail for six years, and I’ve also had influence from my dad doing a small business. So everything compiles together.

Dr. Barbara Hales: As our listeners know, I’m strongly passionate about people having blogs on their websites. Because every time you add another blog post, you give what the search engines feel is fresh content for your website.  Otherwise, your website looks like it’s stagnant. And then people wonder if there is nothing new on your website. Does that mean that you are no longer in business, that you died, that you sold it, that you moved away? In addition to the fact that it plummets your ratings in search engines.

So we all know that blog posts are very important, not only to supply the content yourself, but if you don’t have the time or wherewithal, you could entertain guest posts on your blog. But that transitions to a podcast, which you are involved in because, on a podcast, you could go as a guest, in which case you are.

Exposure to other people’s audience increases your exposure and has your podcast where you can serve others. So the service that you provide is quite interesting. And how do you get your participants interested in coming onto your podcast?

Maison Collawn: It’s a combination.  I’ve done five, so I’ve looked to podcast guests and paid up for them to be on the guest. So that’s one way you can have an incentive for them to come on if you give payment ahead of time. Now, most of the time, that doesn’t happen because most of the people I find in my Discord network, a gaming community. So that’s networking in itself. And I’m also in pod match and other podcasting directories to find guests with podcasters and podcasts with guests. Linkedin is another way to find business professionals to communicate with your audience.

Dr. Barbara Hales: So you would go into a LinkedIn group and say, who would like to appear on my podcast?

Maison Collawn: You could say something like that. Or you could do a post that’s related to what your podcast is about. So let’s say you had a podcast episode, or you could do a post. Is anyone looking for an automobile? I can connect a supplier and give you parts at a discounted price. If anyone wants to know how to do that, please contact me.

Or you do a post to answer a question. What is it like to find a cause in your area that’s cheap and affordable? That right there will be beneficial to connect with audiences because they see you doing something marketable to what you do, but you’re answering a question and posting it on LinkedIn.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Tell me a little about your TV production. What channel is that on? How do people view the programs that you create?

Maison Collawn: With the TV production I have experienced, I had access to a studio and walked as a team. So that’s my youtube at Maison Collawn. They concede some of the stuff I’ve made Into video-making voiceover work. I’m also in a series where I’m doing video blogs. I’m doing different categories in my life, like early childhood, family, and pets, and just recording myself in six parts, 15 minutes or fewer episodes in each category. So I’m expanding on my youtube as I speak.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Is there a golden time, in terms of length for videos or TV production, that you feel is the key? What length of time do you think is the most effective?

Maison Collawn: Okay, so if you take the genre, for example, if you have a sitcom, it is typically good for 30 minutes. It’s a short episode that people can watch instead of the one-hour episodes, which is like an entire block from this time to this time.

If you’re not like short content in the TV show and want to like longer content, then having that one-hour, 40-minute production is good. Now, sometimes the 20-minute production gives you an alleyway. It depends on the genre and how your audience will interact with that show. If they have a short intention span, 20 minutes is better.

If it’s a more drawn-out plot with more things happening, it’s more complicated. That 40 minutes is key to giving the audience what they want. And you typically have 10 minutes of commercials on tv, then about 20 minutes of commercials or 15 on an hour block.

Dr. Barbara Hales: If people hire you for video production for their website, do they have to fly to your location?

Maison Collawn: So there are two ways to do that. I’m on fiver. Oh, so I have plus development and life coaching. Also, record any episode of any topic, but also have like scripting. Idea consulting a lot to it. They can go through that platform if they want to meet up and record. See the different options I have or PayPal with social media.

Contact through email and Paypal. I’m on fiver. So that’s my main plugin for freelance business regarding audio and video products. Idea. Consulting, writing blogs and articles and having graphic design elements.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Okay. Very good. And where are you located geographically?

Maison Collawn: I’m in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States.

Dr. Barbara Hales: Okay, great. So what are two tips you could give our listeners who would like to participate in video production, podcast creation, or podcast guesting? What would you suggest to them?

Maison Collawn: You find a passion. Focus on what you want to discuss if you are in a big technology field. Or you are an expert at your job, which is a good branching point to talk about and make content for. And another way is to make content that you already know. You don’t have to be an expert to make it, but you have to have an opinion or a way to present it to the audience that’s either informal or persuasive For the audience to come to you.

You need to have informative, persuasive, or entertaining in your show. So why do you want to entertain this important? So are you informing the audience? Are you entertaining them? Are you giving you selling them a product or persuading them to do something? You need to find that niche.   And then if you are in a subject matter that you present to the audience that they can take in the law firm, it’s another thing.

Dr. Barbara Hales: If people would like to contact you, how do they?

Maison Collawn:  One, you can talk to me at I’m also on Facebook MC Anime, Twitter, and Maison Collawn, in my full name spelling.

That’s how you search. And then Instagram is at MC Anime Podcast. And I also have the website, which also has an email chain. And then also you can find me on Atree MC Anime, where I have all my links to my other podcast platforms and social media, which also has five oh connections. So if you want to hire me, you can also do that.

Dr. Barbara Hales: What is your website?

Maison Collawn: My website is

Dr. Barbara Hales: It was a pleasure speaking with you today. This has been another episode of Marketing Tips for Doctors with your host, Dr. Barbara Hales. Till next time.