What a Content Marketer Can Do For You

A content marketer provides you with constant new and fresh, relevant, compelling information that is valuable to your target customer and prospective clients. By promoting and distributing this content, consumers are driven to perform an action, whether that is to engage with the company, opt-in for further information or bonuses, or to make a purchase of goods and services. Successful business is no longer conducted with the old tra... Read More

What Are Your Keywords? Are They Long-Tail?

Picking the right keyword is crucial to the health of your business. When your potential client is searching for a product or service, he or she does so by entering a descriptive word about it in a search engine. The search scans all the websites and chooses the ones that contain the word or words in question. Long-Tail keywords are 3 or more words that make up a phrase that people would use in describing something or searching for it.... Read More

The Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits that you can derive from blogging. The first step, however, is to ascertain the purpose or goal of the blog. For some, it is an avenue by which you can set yourself or your business as a leader in your field or niche. People become acquainted with you the more they read your blogs and opinions. For others, it is a way to get publicity or views without investing a large sum on traditional marketing. Additional goa... Read More

Advantages of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective techniques in building your audience and increasing your database. What is Guest Blogging? Simply put, guest blogging is posting well-written and timely content on someone else’s site- a popular and well-read one. In this way, you are getting exposed to a ready made built in audience of people who may then go to your website to see what else you may have to say of interest to them. So, guest... Read More

The Medical Strategist in Today’s World

The medical strategist plays a key role in health care today. A skilled medical strategist can distinguish and integrate new insights in the health community to create successful tactics and marketing schemes. Utilizing scientific and medical knowledge, the medical strategist can interpret data, identify obstacles and help maneuver around it to help the client or provider flourish. Keeping abreast of industry trends across the healthcare ga... Read More

Social Media Marketing…Is it Marketing or Social?

Social Media Marketing has developed as a result of the opportunity to utilize the infinite internet sites that are springing up daily to spread your message in a friendly, non-threatening manner. Because social media evolved to promote communication and interaction between friends and business contacts (both established and prospective), it is perceived as friendly and spreading the word in a chatty, informative fashion. Because of ... Read More

Pharmaceutical Writers – Don’t Get Caught Selling Drugs!

As a pharmaceutical writer, one must adhere to the rules set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. If one is not adherent and a complaint is registered, both you and the company are liable. Your entire copy, not just key phrases and claims is under constant scrutiny. A successful pharmaceutical writer can withstand the surveillance. Restrictions are placed on making any claims of treatment or cure by any product unless it has been approv... Read More

Online Marketing-Open the Door to Visitors and Invite Them In To Stay A While

Online Marketing is simply the process by which you capture that web surfer and net browser, hold his attention and after educating him, convert that reader to a buyer of your goods and services. Simple definition for online marketing but…. maybe not so simple There are several core facts to keep in mind in online marketing: Pick out the key words that consumers will search you by Add these key words into the text of your landin... Read More

Newsletter Writing: Put That On Your Marketing List

Writing a newsletter for a company is a great strategy for marketing. Not only does it convey your message or promote new company products and services, it gives readers useful information, explaining the products while educating the public. Newsletter writing also provides the opportunity to be viewed as an authority on the topic. It reflects well on the company, positioning it as an authority or leading company for the goods and service... Read More

Medical Writer- A Prescription for Success

The medical writer is quite different than the ordinary freelance writer. Knowledgeable in medicine and disease entities, the medical writer can provide information to the public and educate your prospective clients in a way that no one else can. Familiar with jargon, a medical writer can translate your product to both the lay public and other professionals. Adept at clinical research and development, a medical writer can compose articles... Read More