Press Release Writing – The Art and Science

Press Release Writing needs Unique Selling Points to Stand Out

Does your Press release writing stands out in the crowd?

Hundreds of press releases cross the desk of newspapers and news services every day. Many get ignored. Not every press release gets printed.

So how do you get your press release writing to say, “check me out…print me!”

The first tactic in press release writing is a great headline, one that will get noticed. It highlights your unique selling point or pitch. The second thing you must address is whether your press release is newsworthy. Typical topics one might find in a press release would be the launch of a new product or service, the opening or relocation of a business office, a new appointment to an office for a business, organization, or elected official. Additional topics one might find in a press release would be the announcement of a business award or a book that was just published

ot only must it relate something new and unique but also a press release must be written to the target audience’s interest. For instance, don’t expect your press release on a golf tournament to be picked up by a stock car race paper.

Successful Press Release Writing follows a Format

Effectual press releases not only stand out but also must be written appropriately.

The first information on the page should be who to contact. Include the contact person, the company name, phone and fax number, email address and the website address.

Next you are ready for your headline- remember the thing that sets you apart. After which, it is customary to write the date and location, both city and state.
Follow this with your opening line. This sentence must be as enticing to the reader as the headline, which might be changed or omitted due to space constraints by the journalist.

Information must relate to the reader and answer the question “what’s in it for me?” But you must also answer the questions: who, what, when, where and how within the first paragraph.

Within the body of your copy, the press release must mention specifics about the event-where, when and how to get there, complete with directions. If it is about a service or product, inform the reader where and when it can be purchased, as well as the price.

Press Releases should be written in the third person-forget the you and I. It must be concise with no flowery descriptions.

The end of the press release should have details about the company making the announcement.

Who will Distribute your Press Releases?

Now that your press release writing is acceptable to you, it must be distributed appropriately to be effective. Make sure your market is matched to the announcement. For instance, you would want a local event publicized in regional or local papers. Likewise, if you are targeting a larger market, you would want to broadcast on a national level.

If your press release is written effectively as above, you stand a much better chance of being “picked up”. Publicity is your goal, after all. Contact me now for a free evaluation for all your needs. I would be happy to provide your service of press release writing.

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