Pharmaceutical Writers – Don’t Get Caught Selling Drugs!

As a pharmaceutical writer, one must adhere to the rules set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. If one is not adherent and a complaint is registered, both you and the company are liable.

Your entire copy, not just key phrases and claims is under constant scrutiny. A successful pharmaceutical writer can withstand the surveillance. Restrictions are placed on making any claims of treatment or cure by any product unless it has been approved by the FDA for that exact purpose.

A pharmaceutical writer knows the acceptable phrases like claims where a product or medicine can support or promote good health regarding a particular ailment.

So too, an effectual pharmaceutical writer is familiar with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, put in place to protect the public from any bogus or misleading claims. All assertions must have full documentation.

Inference by exclusion of information is likewise forbidden to the pharmaceutical writer. When clinical tests infer something or find adverse reactions, this must be included as well. If not, dire consequences will be occur.

Pharmaceutical copy must not only adhere to strict guidelines, it must also be concise and easy to understand.

There is nothing more rewarding than writing pharmaceutical copy as it not only promotes a product or medicine but that it does so for the common good of the public.

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