Nutraceutical Writing – Letting The Public Know Which Food is Not Just For Eating!

We live in exciting times. Recent studies show that babies of today can live to 120. Maybe 150. They will thank the nutraceutical writer for getting them there.

Nutraceuticals commonly known, as health/dietary supplements are food extracts that have a medicinal effect and are often packaged in a medicinal form- a capsule, granules or tablets.

Nutraceutical Writers Spread the Word and Good Health – Get them to Clamor for Your Supplements

It wasn’t too long ago that antioxidants were bandied about. Taking supplements to get enough daily vegetable requirements in became very popular. The company V8 trades on that information for success.
Nutraceutical writers helped get them that success.

Now resveratrol is a popular product to buy. Good marketing? Yes. Your nutraceutical writer, informing the public that red wine has medicinal properties but you don’t have to drink any more to obtain them, spread the word.

Botanical and herbal extracts like garlic and ginseng- all healthy.

So popular are nutraceuticals becoming, that Congress put out the US Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994. (DSHEA) Top priority is being made to improving the health of American citizens. They recognize that there is great benefit to dietary supplements to promote health and prevent disease. Proper dissemination of information however is crucial. That is where your nutraceutical writer comes in.

There is no point in having supplements if no one knows about them.

Weed Out the Charlatans

Not just any copywriter or marketer will do for your dietary health supplements. You need a professional nutraceutical writer who understands your products and your target market. You also need someone who understands what you can and cannot state to be compliant with DSHEA and FDA guidelines.

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