Medical Writer- A Prescription for Success

The medical writer is quite different than the ordinary freelance writer. Knowledgeable in medicine and disease entities, the medical writer can provide information to the public and educate your prospective clients in a way that no one else can. Familiar with jargon, a medical writer can translate your product to both the lay public and other professionals.

Adept at clinical research and development, a medical writer can compose articles and abstracts for publication in both trade and medical journals.

In addition, a medical writer can provide customized brochures and newsletters for patients, which not only educates, but also promotes a procedure or physician’s practice.

Continuing Medical Education articles and blogs are always of interest to physicians and who better to write them than medical writers.

Medical Writers also contribute text submissions, monographs and education programs for the medical community. With advances in medicine and surgery coming so rapidly, medical writers stand along side the professional and the public, performing a service for each one.

Medical Writers Also Live by the Hippocratic Oath –”To Do No Harm”

Where an educated consumer is the best consumer, the medical writer is conveying information that needs to be not only timely but also healthy and not harmful for that consumer. You need a writer that understands what is clinically in the best interest of the consumer, just as the oath that is administered to physicians upon graduation.

Don’t trust your writing projects to someone other than a specialist for your needs- you need a medical writer.

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