What Are Your Keywords? Are They Long-Tail?

Picking the right keyword is crucial to the health of your business.

When your potential client is searching for a product or service, he or she does so by entering a descriptive word about it in a search engine.
The search scans all the websites and chooses the ones that contain the word or words in question.

Long-Tail keywords are 3 or more words that make up a phrase that people would use in describing something or searching for it. An example would be training a standard poodle instead of just dog. The search engine picks up each word individually to give more traffic than using one word alone. The secret to success is not just lumping keywords together into one long-tail keyword, but to have the collection of words be meaningful to the searcher and relevant to each of the other words in the phrase.

Choosing and implementing the right keywords or phrase enables you top connect with your search audience and makes you more relevant to them.

Tools to Help You Select Your Keywords

There are several different sources that can help you select your keywords. You don’t have to guess, or go it alone.

Google Adwords helps you see the grouping of words that people are searching for.

WordStream is another site that helps select the appropriate keywords while eliminating the ones that people generally don’t use. The analytics are shown to demonstrate the number of people or percent of people that are looking for the phrases in question. The analytics will also show which keywords are used most commonly.

AutoSamurai has a platform of keyword aggregation that displays keywords with the popularity of them in searches. This will help not only in tagging information on your website, but also enable you to take action on the best keywords in pay-per-click ad campaigns and in trying to increase traffic to your site.

What Do Keyword Analytics Tell You?

The various platforms analyze each entered keyword and give the number of original visit counts as well as monthly search volumes. In this way, you can see the phrases or keywords that people use more which will give you a good indication of which keywords to implement.

Keywords Differ in Each Niche

Just as the terminology and phraseology differs in each niche, the keywords will reflect that, being specific to the niche under consideration. Keywords that work in one field, do not necessarily work in another sphere of influence.

Keep this in mind when you are selecting your keywords.

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