The Health and Medical Device Writer that Can Translate Health-Talk For You is The One that You Need

Look for a health and medical device writer. You need someone that is familiar with illness, how to treat it, how to prevent it. You need someone that comprehends the operation of medical devices and how to evaluate them. You need someone who can speak to you and your target with a normal voice, translating the language of medicine to one of compassion and information.

The writer of health and medical devices can study the product to hone in on the unique selling property and the emotions evoked by the target market.

The successful health and medical device writer can foresee the objections and explain them before they become a stumbling block.

Not Just Any Writer Will Do

There are many good copywriters out there. You want the one that can write health and medical device copy.

Your health writer must be familiar with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines and your work must be compliant with them. All claims in the health and medical device writing must have proof. Not only specific statements but also the whole piece is subject to scrutiny.

In addition, your health and medical device writer must know the guidelines set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which differ, from the FTC.

When you write about medical devices and supplements, you are restricted in what you can write. For example, when writing about health and medical devices, the FDA bans any claims of cure or prevention by a product.

When you are an effectual health and medical device writer, your mission is to translate medical jargon into easy to comprehend, concise terms within specific guidelines and still perform a service to the public as well as the client- a tall order but very worthwhile.

Kindly contact me so that we can discuss your next project. I can fulfill your needs, being both a healthcare provider and health and medical device writer.

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