In this economy, you need strong convincing copy and expert marketing more than ever!

Case studies are basically the story of a problem or challenge being posed in a way with which readers can identify. The plan of action is a logical sequence, and the result ensues.

How you lure your reader in so that you capture those who have the same problem in case studies is with an alluring headline. If it is interesting and compelling, you have your reader.

Showing your reader that you can take the problem in your case study and logically build on your strategy to arrive at a favorable outcome now sets you up as an expert-one whose advice people will seek.

Are You Talking to Me?

Remember in your case study that your tone will be reflected by whom it is directed. When your case study is the Business to Consumer market, the voice will evoke core emotions or be more sensational, more controversial.

On the other hand, if your case study is aimed at Business-to-Business, then your voice will be more matter of fact and informative. You can still do this in a concise yet compelling manner, just in a subtler fashion.

The end of the case study will include your contact information- usually your name, address, telephone number, email address and website.
When you include these case studies in your press packet, you will want your prospective client to know how to reach you.

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