Why are Blogs So Important for Business?

A well-written blog communicates your message, strengthens your business image and increases your (SEO) search engine optimization. Linking keywords that represent your product or service into your blog, enhances your rankings in Google and Yahoo searches.

Timing your written blog to a new service or product launch, allows your target market to become acquainted with it and the blog creates a desire for it in a less forceful, friendlier way while maintaining the tone of the company. The specialized terms and language specific to your industry need to be utilized.

An Unintelligible or poorly written blog will not only go unread, it will convey a mismanaged company or a poor service. The blog is there not only to inform but also to enhance your company image, not tear it down.

Business blogs should be short and to the point. Business people are busy. With downsizing in today’s economy, each person may be doing the work of many. They only have a limited amount of time to scan your blog. If you need it to be more detailed, save it for an article or a white paper.

Besides your great headlines, subheads are important in your business blogs. This allows people to scan your blog and still get a sense of your content.

Business Blogs Make Sense, They Help Create a Need

Business Blogs must still answer the question “what’s in it for me”?

Writing the blog in an informative, educational way, using the right jargon for the business using the blog, not only helps create the need but also positions you as an authority above your competitors.

Pose a question to your readers to engage them in the thought process and to encourage participation.

Answer Who, What, Why, when and Where

Just like a press release, or article, business blogs need to give concise and judicious use of information. Business people want answers and quickly.Before you end your business blog, ask for a call to action. If you don’t, you won’t get one!

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