Article Marketing – Your Ticket to Travel

Article marketing creates a viral phenomenon. When the article is well written, informative and compelling, your article gets quoted in the social media and gets picked up by ezines, traveling through cyberspace, soaring to new sites and new heights.

Additional Benefits of Article Marketing:

  • Brings you visibility and makes you known
  • Brings you sales
  • Enables you to promote yourself as an expert
  • Product promotion is free and the number of sites are endless
  • Increases product sales
  • Drives traffic to your websites

With Article Marketing, your goal is to position yourself as an expert. People will be attracted to you and want your service and advice. Stand out in the crowd by being outstanding, and controversial.

Helpful Strategies with Article Marketing:

  • Pick a niche and let people know what you focus on
  • Create services and products in that niche
  • Divert contacts to a money page
  • Sign up for affiliate products that are specific to your niche

Use of affiliate products in article marketing has tremendous advantages: you can see which ones are already selling like hotcakes and add these to your site. You can often make 50-75% profit from the sale without having to provide customer service, delivery costs or billing expenses.

Drive additional traffic to your site with text links. There are many tricks of the trade. Contact me so that we can discuss them further and propel you to success with article marketing.

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