Advantages of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective techniques in building your audience and increasing your database.

What is Guest Blogging?

Simply put, guest blogging is posting well-written and timely content on someone else’s site- a popular and well-read one. In this way, you are getting exposed to a ready made built in audience of people who may then go to your website to see what else you may have to say of interest to them. So, guest blogging increases traffic to your website and increases the audience that follows you.

Prior to posting a guest blog, first become familiar with the website and blog. Get to know the topics that are covered and what it is that both posters and commenters like to discuss. This will enable you to figure out how your post will benefit not only the host site but your business as well.

Find out from the host whether you can add at least one relevant link back to your content within the post and your bio, which includes a call to action for those viewing it.

Go For the Quality Rather than Quantity

While there are many ways to obtain traffic, such as in pay-per-click ads, the audience that you get from writing guest blogs is already vetted. They are a group of people who have a common interest to you from the topics that you cover and are interested in your opinions.

Create a landing page specific for readers of the guest blog and drive traffic to this page from the blog. Provide exceptional content, which benefits the reader with a concise call to action.

By selecting a site that has great search engine authority (with large audiences sharing your interests) for your guest blog, you can easily get relevant links with the anchor text of your choosing.

Become an Authority

You can write for several blogs and the more your name is seen, the greater the perception will be that you are an authority in that specific field. Make sure that the content is concise and relevant with great quality. When your name becomes associated with the quality information, your reputation for these starts to build. The more the audience sees your work, the greater the air of authority will be generated.

Paramount in considering your guest blog post is reading and complying with any guidelines that are posted. While these are not always available, larger sites do have this under guest post guideline or submission guideline. Often this will consist of the format that the blog should be in, topics to be covered and the number of words or length that the blog should be.

Good luck with your guest blogging. Perhaps you will even submit your post here!

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